How To Dress On a Date With an Ex Boyfriend

girl in blue dressIn a perfect world, we’d be completely confident to wear whatever we want to meet an ex. Or alternatively, when we break up with people, they would magically disappear into another dimension where we will never see them again.

But sometimes time heals, and inevitably we bump into our exes, which can lead to a meet up “date”.

You have no idea how the night with your ex will go and you have no control over what will happen afterwards. But one thing you can control is your attire.

You definitely don’t want him back in your life right at this moment, but you might be open to that opportunity in the future. It’s always better to not completely shut the door.

Below are some tips on what to wear when meeting an ex:

1. Dress Confidently

If you have that magic attire that makes you feel sexy and confident, wear it. Whether it is your go-to black dress, or a push up bra- Anything that will make you feel at ease for the meet up; break it out.

2. Don’t Overdress

…and keep the make-up light. Go for the effortlessly sexy look. Ultimately you want him to think that you still look fantastic in your “natural state” and that he missed out. A pair of skinny jeans with heels and a fitting jacket are a great choice.

It shows that you can look good throwing anything together, and you didn’t “stress” over meeting with him. You’re going for the, “Oh! You look great!”, “Really? Thanks! I was just buying groceries before our meet up [no biggie, I always look this fab]” -scenario.

3. Wear Something Adorable

…something he has never seen before. This might prompt him to think that things have changed with you, and wonder what other wonderful things have happened since your break-up.

The answer: everything.

4. Wear Comfortable Footwear

Go with boots or a pair of heels that you can walk in. This is important, especially if he is to pick you up from your place. If something goes sour on your date (he is your ex, after all), you can at least bail and catch a cab a few blocks down from the restaurant.

And remember to bring cash! Trust me on this one.

Lastly and most importantly, remember that you two broke up for a reason. If he really wants to find fault with you, he will. It has nothing to do with how you acted or what you wore. Just be your fabulous self, and go with the flow!

Describe your recent ex meetup and tell us what you wore in the comments below.

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