How Long Does it Take to Find a Date Online?

A lot of people sign up for online dating expecting to connect with their perfect match immediately. While this could happen, it’s much more likely that – just like in the offline world – it will take a bit of time. If you have a set criteria you’re using to narrow down your search, and don’t want to waste time on meeting people you’re really not interested in, then you’ll need to understand that it’s normal for it to take anywhere from 3 weeks to a couple of months to find a date online… well at least a match you really hit it off with.

Let’s look at your first week of online dating. You’ve created your profile, you’re working on building it to be the best it can be, and you’re experiencing a major influx of likes, messages and views. This is normal, and is partly because you’re new to the online dating site and its existing members are taking notice!

You’re more than likely going to start off with a large volume of messages and likes, then will see it even out after a week or so. While you’ll have more connections to choose from right off the bat, as you continue with your online dating journey you’ll actually end up seeing more relevant, compatible people in the weeks following your profile creation.

In your second and third weeks, you’ll probably reach the point where you start to message back and forth with some of your matches. There might be one person you start chatting with, or there might be a handful of matches you message back and forth throughout the day – don’t feel pressured to strike up a chat with anyone you’re not interested in.

By week three, or maybe by the end of your first month online, you’ll probably have the opportunity to arrange an in-person date with at least one of your matches. If you don’t feel you’re ready, or you’re not really sold on anyone in particular, don’t stress out – it’s completely fine to take your time and wait it out a little longer. That’s the benefit of online dating – you have total control.

New people join online dating sites, by the hundreds of thousands, every single day. So, there will always be new profiles for you to explore and interact with. Because of this, it never hurts to wait a bit longer and see what else is out there. Even when you start meeting up with people for dates, leave your profile active – that way you won’t miss out on a great connection!

For some people, they find a great date early on in their online dating journey. For others, it takes a bit longer. It really comes down to the amount of people with profiles in your local area, your search preferences, the search preferences other users have set, and your level of comfort with setting an in-person date. Everyone’s quest to find life online is unique, so never feel as though you need to reach a particular milestone at a particular point in time.

With persistence, commitment and a positive attitude you’re sure to find someone fantastic. Keep at it, because you never know – you might stumble across your soul mate tomorrow.

How long have you been online for? How long did it take you to find a date online? Let’s get chatting in the comments below!

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