How do I Come Up with Creative Ways to Start Conversation Online?

Stephen from Winnipeg asks…

How Can I Get More Responses Online?


I find it difficult coming up with a creative way to introduce myself to each new woman I meet. Some of my guy friends use basic profile bios and they always get a lot of responses from women. Is it okay to cut and paste an introduction that works for other guys?


It is not ok to cut and paste a form letter unless you are either Brad Pitt or you’re completely satisfied receiving a very low response rate. Here are the top 3 tricks for getting a response from the hottest women online:

1. Use a Clever Subject Line

The most beautiful women online can get dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of emails in a single day. For your email to not only get read but also get a response, choose a subject line that is strange, thought-provoking or clever to stand out among the pack.

2. Engage Her About A Topic She Loves

Don’t fall into the common trap of telling a woman how beautiful she is and expect her to come running. Instead read her profile thoroughly and choose one topic that she mentions to comment on. Then, give your own commentary and show how that topic relates to you. Finally, end with a question on that topic for her that will compel her to respond with more than just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

3. Make Your Primary Photo Unique

Alongside your email, she will see a small thumbnail of your primary profile photo. Using color, goofy looks, or attitude will help get her to skip the small talk and get right to your profile—which is what you want. Generic photos that your grandma would have on her mantle do not work for online dating.

Sexy, funny, smart, and unique pictures get a much higher response rate.


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