How Can I Get Men to Read my Profile Before they Message Me?

Sherry from Calgary asks…

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I’m a Christian woman looking for a good Christian man but I’m getting really frustrated with the amount of guys who message me that don’t read my profile. They message me anyway. What else can I do to stop men from contacting me who don’t meet my interests?


The problem you state – men not reading your profile – is a problem that, unfortunately, many women (and men, for that matter) have, regardless of religion or anything else that may be a deal-breaker.

There is really no way to avoid this. I never recommend putting things you do not want in your profile because it sounds very negative and bitter. I do, however, recommend putting what you do want in your profile. To ensure that men who fit your criteria are noticing you, you’ll have to do your own search and reach out to them. Then, you can delete the e-mails from those who are clearly not the right fit and focus on those who are.

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