Guy vs Girl: What is a cute outfit?

Stressing out about what to wear on dates is common, since you want to make a great first impression and want your outfit to show how happy and excited you are. However, there never seems to be anything in your wardrobe to make up the cute outfit you’re envisioning in your head!

Cute Outfit 1

You want to appear cute, but also sexy and smart. At the same time, you don’t want to look too cute, and not too sexy, and not too geeky smart. It’s tough. So here are some guidelines to help you pick out a cute outfit that both guys and girls can agree on.

1. Wear Light Colors

Pink, pastel, white, beige… Something light and comfortable is the key for anything other than cocktail hour. It’s not a business meeting or a funeral – it’s a date. I have a guy friend who loves tanned skinned women dressed in white. He sees it as angelic and confident, as something different than the expected black dress. A light colored blazer or cardigan would do the trick of going anywhere from a fancy restaurant to a cafe.

2. Stick to Something Form Fitting, but Keep the Mystery

The general rule is to either show off your cleavage or your legs, but not both. You want to appear cute, fun, and smart, and showing off too much too early can give the wrong impression. You want to reveal enough to keep him interested, but also cover up enough so that he respects you as a woman. Backless shirts or above-the-knee skirts are a good bet. And, if he is interested, there will be plenty of opportunities to wear “that” dress on other dates.

Cute Outfit 3

3. Don’t be Afraid to Play “Dress Up”

Put a bright red bow in your hair. Wear thick frame glasses. Wear knee high boots. Wear a plaid skirt. Wear something with lace detail. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and brings out your feminine side. Guys love the illusion of a sexy librarian or school girl.

I know, it sounds totally tacky and played out, but they grew up with Daisy Dukes and Jessica Rabbit. So, if you want to trigger their inner channel, this is how it can be done. A white lace top with a pair of fitted jeans is my favorite date ensemble. But make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Don’t turn it into a full out Halloween costume!

4. Think “Guy” Cute

You know your maxi dresses and oversized sweaters look adorable on you. Your girlfriends love it… But these items won’t do anything for a guy. Most guys aren’t fashion conscious. They like the simple

Cute Outfit 2

outfits and they are visual

It is better to wear a solid colored bondage skirt with a pair of heels than confuse his mind with bold prints, multiple chunky accessories and other high end fashion articles.

5. Smile, Laugh and be Yourself

Have fun! Guys gravitate towards girls who laugh at their jokes and smile. Just by being laid back says that you are happy, enjoying yourself, and are comfortable being with him. That alone will increase the chances that he will call you back.

Now let u know, which of these cute outfits is your favorite?

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