Great Weekend Getaways

girl hugging dog at parkIt’s that time of the year when you’re antsy for some sun — heck, even added hours of daylight are a supreme bonus as winter gives way to spring.

But you don’t need an expensive week in the sun for a romantic spring break.

Instead, try a local weekend getaway: short enough to spend some quality time together but not long enough for you to drive each other insane.

The weekend getaway is a cinch. Just do some research, pack your bags, and head out. Romantic and rejuvenating, a quick two-day adventure is just what the doctor ordered.

The Spaaaaah

Most people live within driving distance of an idyllic spa. These aren’t the spas of your mother’s day. Although you can still lie around and be pampered silly, many spa weekends now include adventure activities like hiking, skiing, and caving.

Kayak by day, full-body rosehip massage and eucalyptus body exfoliation by night.

The emphasis is on total body-and-mind health treatments to leave you feeling relaxed, de-stressed, and ready to enjoy each other’s company without the baggage of your week-from-hell at work.

What to look for: Not too healthy (a glass of wine at night is nice)
Downside: Being caught unawares by a colonic irrigation
Benefits: Total relaxation is a powerful aphrodisiac
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Uhmmm… Ohmmm?

Spiritual retreats are starting to offer many of the same amenities as spas. Some retreat centers feature gourmet food and body therapies (like therapeutic heated rock massages), but retreats generally focus more on the mind than the body. Centers offer everything from yoga to tai chi to Buddhist meditation.

Stretching your joints and calming your mind can give you the “flexibility” to take your relationship to new levels. Find something middle of the road: some are austere, provide only basic meals, and frown on co-ed accommodations.

What to look for: Amenities and certified instructors
Downside: Standing on your head for two hours
Benefits: Downward Dog for two
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Cooking Up Romance

Heat up your relationship with some spicy cooking in the kitchen. Cooking retreats offer everything from Asian to Mexican to Continental Cuisine. Group classes alleviate the pressure of being alone together for an entire weekend, and preparing food might give you the erotic Like Water For Chocolate experience that you’ve been looking for.

Plus, after preparing and eating your scrumptious meal, you can sneak off alone while the staff does dishes.

What to look for: Exactly what you’ll be preparing
Downside: Is overindulgence really a downside?
Benefits: If the romance doesn’t pan out, you still learn to cook
More Info: Loads of regional resources online

Hit the Road, Jack

The scenery flashes by, a warm hand in yours as you feel the freedom of the open road. Looming in the distance is your destination, the Shrine of the Miracle Tortilla. For something completely different, visit the crazy roadside attractions North America has to offer.

Share a giggle at the World’s Largest Ball of Twine, or cling to each other while touring ghost towns in your area. Every bizarro moment brings you closer together and you can reminisce about each one on your dates to come.

What to look for: Giant lumberjacks, elephant graves, transparent women
Downside: Souvenirs from the Wawa Goose
Benefits: You never forget your first time… in a UFO museum
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Hometown Hideaway

Find a hotel in your own city, check in, turn off your pagers and cell phones, and don’t tell anyone where you are. You’ll be surprised at how romantic you can feel when hiding away in your own ‘hood. There’s something naughty and delicious about it.

Many hotels even offer great deals on weekend packages for walk-in customers.

What to look for: Hot tub, room service, dirty movies
Downside: Getting spotted by someone you know
Benefits: See the city with new eyes
More Info: Local yellow pages

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