Get your Butt to a Fitness Club! Here’s How to Get Started

fitnessclub2You have decided that you want to go to the gym but you haven’t actually gone. Well what are you waiting for? There is no right time to start working out except NOW! Nike says it best just ‘do it’ finally stop making all the reasons as to why you cannot go and make reasons as to why you should go.

Here are 10 tips on getting started

1. Gym Location

When looking for a gym, location is vital.  It needs to be located in an area that will be easy and convenient for you to get to. If you have to go through horrendous traffic or an obscure street route the chances of you going consistently are unlikely.

 2. Atmosphere of the gym

You need to feel safe and comfortable in the gym in order for you to want to be there. If you are clean freak type person then going to a sweaty, bodybuilding type gym may not work with your personality. Is the gym clean, have all the equipment you require for your fitness goals.

 3. Does the Gym Offer an Assortment of Fitness Programs

Does the gym offer a diverse range of fitness classes for you to attend? Such as group spinning classes, yoga, Pilates, and other popular classes. Fitness classes will help keep you motivated and pushes you while exercising alongside others. Many classes are also great for novice beginners.

 4. Set small fitness goals

To expect yourself to go to the gym and run 10 miles on the treadmill your first day is setting yourself up for failure. You have to set small, realistic and obtainable goals. Such as doing 20 minute cardio sessions 4 times the first week, or losing 5 lbs the first month.  Setting smaller, more attainable goals will help you to stay more focused, dedicated and positive.

 5. Make a contract to go everyday for 60 days

To see any changes to your body and health you need time usually about 4-6 weeks. One day or one week is not enough, so commit to going to the gym for 60 day minimum.

 6. Reward yourself for reaching fitness goals

It is well known that the true reward is being healthy from exercising. However,  rewarding yourself with little gifts will help you to stay 3 times more motivated. Rewarding yourself is a great way to reinforce your positive fitness behaviour. Remember that the reward should be keeping in line with your fitness goal. Some reward ideas are buying a new nail polish, or putting $1 dollar into jar for each day you work out and after a month buying yourself a gift like a nice body scrub, lotion or lipstick.

 7. Get a gym buddy

When you have a gym buddy it makes you more likely to go to the gym and push you on days when you lack motivation. Having a gym partner will increase chances of sticking to fitness regimen long-term and will make the workout sessions seem to go by faster and more enjoyable.

 8. Learn Proper Exercise Techniques

Schedule one session with a  certified fitness trainer who can show you proper form and techniques on the various weight training machines and equipment. Knowing how to use the different machines and equipment correctly will make you feel more confident to use them and also decrease risk of injury.

 9. Listen to Music

Music can help push you to workout longer and harder at the gym and make you less bored and even enjoy exercising. It distracts you from the fatigue your body may experience. Make a playlist on your music device of your favourite upbeat songs to push you at the gym. From house music to alternative rock to even classical, which ever genre will help to push you while you exercise will help.

 10. Have fun

It is so important to make fitness fun. If you think of going to the gym and exercising as a chore you will have a difficult time going. You need to change your mindset and think of fitness in a more positive manner and need to come up with ways to make it fun. From a belly dancing class, zumba classes, or having a friendly squatting challenge, it’s important to enjoy it!

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