#LLSuccessStory – Found My Missing Puzzle Piece

Missing Puzzle PieceBoth of us had been using Lavalife on and off for awhile. I met some great guys, some of whom I’m still friends with today. Meeting a lot of people in short periods of time was a great growing experience.

It may sound weird but I learned a lot about myself and what I want in a man and out of life through online dating.

Jake was about to give up looking when he noticed someone sent him a smile. He thought he may as well check it out, what did he have to loose? It’s a good thing he did!

We talked online for at least an hour a day for 3 weeks, then we met for coffee June 2009. He saw sparks, I saw a dim light but had a feeling there was more there so we went on a second date the next night and 2 more dates that week. On the third date he suggested that I not look for a new apartment and instead move to another country with him for a year or two when he finished school so he could work with a friend.

I thought about it and agreed as I didn’t want to give up on something that felt so comfortable and real.

Oct 2009 we moved half way across the world together. It only made us stronger and on April 28 2010 he proposed (though he had the ring since January). We are back home now planning our wedding and future life together. We have found our missing puzzle pieces thanks to Lavalife.

Thanks Lavalife!

London, ON  July 16, 2010

Feature photo source: vivavisibilityblog.com

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