Flirting with Text Before the Date

Woman Smiling at Text MessageTexting is an art. Yes, you read that right, it’s an art. The reason I say this is because when you’re texting, what the person you’re texting receives and reads may not be the same message you thought you wrote and sent. There can very easily be a disconnect, and it can just as easily lead to disaster.

The following tips will help you when you’re asking out a date through text, so read on and feel free to take notes.

Sarcasm and humor through text can sometimes get you in trouble. They’re lost in translation most of the time, so how you talk to people through text message can either hurt you or help you depending on how well you do it.

Today I want to cover a topic that most people have trouble doing; Setting up a date through text message. When you get a girl’s number from an online dating site, you have to treat the situation differently since it’s a bit different than when you get a number from a night out at the club.

You can ask for the date within the first five minutes of texting her.

Now if you got her number at a club, you have to go through the typical routine and it takes a lot longer to nail down a date – believe it or not.

With online dating, the girls are on these sites because they’re actively looking for one of a few things: a boyfriend, a guy to date, or a guy to hookup with. With the girls at clubs, it’s harder to tell what they’re looking for – and if they’re looking for anything at all. They could be there for a friend’s party or a girl’s night out.

Maybe she just broke up with her man, so going for the date right after you get her number can kill it unless the chemistry is on fire.

The key to being a killer texter is to make yourself stand out. After you get the girl’s number, you don’t want to be like every other boring guy that’s in her phone texting her with the same old boring things.

Examples are “Hey”, “How are you?” or better yet texting her without flirting at all!  It’s important to remember that you’re setting the tone for the rest of the conversation from this point on.

Every time you talk to a girl you’re interested in through text message, you should be flirting! Stop having conversations that don’t have some sort of fun banter in there. Bland conversation is the fastest way to the black hole that is the Friend Zone.

If a girl asks you what you’re up to, say things like, “Reading a book on how to pick up Mexican chicks from La Habra Heights,” (change race and city to her of course.) See what I did there?! I not only threw in something that would make her laugh, but I also made it personal to her and I made it clear I’m looking to flirt. Win Win Win!

When you flirt, first go for the kill and then ask for the date. The girl will more than likely say yes because you’ve proven yourself to be a fun, flirty and outgoing guy.

By now you should have caught on with where I’m going with this, so let’s move onto the good stuff… You want hotties? I’m going to show you exactly how to get just that.

When working with the Internet, it’s natural to expect an immediate response. Naturally, this also goes for online dating. We want quick, we want easy, and we want it now. Girls feel this way too, otherwise they’d be out at the club!

Here’s a real life conversation taken straight from my phone the other day:

On the dating site she asked me my name after she gave me her number so I responded to her with, “By my pics what do you think?! Don’t say, Tyler.” She replied with, “What?”

After that I just started texting her.


Text Conversation –

Jarod: I was trying to have you guess my name, nerd.

Her: Haha! How about you guess mine?

Her: You kind of look like a Jason

Jarod: Not cool… Janet, Sarah, Anna or Betty, lol.

Jarod: Jason is super close.

Her: Not even close… mine is hard to guess.

Her: Justin?

Jarod: More exotic? Mine is Jarod.

Her: I’m Mexican with a very Irish first name lol…

Jarod: Tell me already!

Her: (Her name)

Jarod: Lies!! Really?! Yeah, I was WAY off.

Jarod: (Her name), can I ask you a serious question?!

Her: So true… (Her full name)

Her: Yes

Jarod: Do you really have rhythm? (She put that she liked dancing on her profile)

Her: Haha! Yes I do. I’ve been dancing since I was a child. I love music and dancing.

Jarod: Okay, you… me… clubbing next week. Best bring your ‘A’ game, lady.

Her: Oh really? And where are we going?

Jarod: Somewhere close and fun… (club name), (club name), something like that.

Her: Alright… I usually don’t go out to clubs.

Jarod: It’ll be fun

After this, I started asking her about where else she dances and came to find out she’s a physical trainer and works at a gym. Basically, we went into normal conversation after I had first set up the date.

Here’s how fast you can set up a date from an online dating site – this is what I usually text women right after I get their number. This conversation was taken straight from my eBook, Get Dates in 45 Minutes – Supreme Online Dating.


Jarod: Hello, Cutie143! *waving*

Cutie143: hey!

Jarod: Water YOU doin’ besides harassing boys on OkCupid?

Cutie143: hahaha trying to study

Jarod: Can I ask you an important question?

Cutie143: what’s up?

Jarod: Do you like milkshakes?!

Cutie143: that was your question? lol I love strawberry milkshakes YUM ;)

Jarod: NICE! Okay, you…me…one milkshake, two straws this Wednesday.

Cutie143: sounds good ;)

Jarod: HOLLA!

Cutie143: lol you’re funny

Now, if you get a girl’s number from a club; you want to get her used to you. You’re going to have to work it a little more than with online dating. Start texting her daily and flirting with her. After a few days of that you can use the exact same texting from above for setting up a date.

One last thing before I let you go… make sure you call her at least once to get some extra flirting in before your date. You don’t have to be on the phone that long – a 2 to 3 minute conversation filled with fun banter is all you need to get her thinking “This guy’s fun, and this is why I’m going on a date with him.”

Now, get out there. Have fun and get those dates!

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