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How to Flirt Better in 5 Steps

Be Confident

Go ahead and spark up a conversation! Keep in mind that the age old question remains, especially when chatting online, what have you got to lose? But ladies, that doesn’t mean that you should go spilling your guts. Keep the conversation positive by telling him about what you do for a living and how you are kicking butt at work right now. Or that you’ve joined a volleyball team and you’re really enjoying it. And ask him open ended questions about his interests or what he’s up to this summer to get the conversation going – both in person and online!

Pay attention to punctuation and spelling

This one is exclusive to the online sphere. Just like your teachers constantly reminded you, it doesn’t hurt to check your spelling! Autocorrect has been known to thwart more than one well-intentioned statement. Do a quick read over of your sentences to make sure you are getting your meaning across.
Not sure if your “have a nice day” is more cold and less coy? Add an exclamation point or smiley face to let him know you’re thinking of him.

Ask him out!

Coming back to our ‘be confident’ tip – don’t let the online conversation get stale, take it to the next level! Invite him to the next TIFF Q&A you’ve been dying to see or to meet you at your favourite Ethiopian restaurant this Wednesday at 7. Be specific, it helps to not get caught in limbo while making plans and if he can’t attend what you have suggested it leaves it open for him to suggest a new time and place for you to meet up!

Make eye contact

Whether you are meeting for the first time after talking online, flirting with a co-worker or want to make a connection with the cutie you see on the subway every morning, eye contact is key. A flirty flick of the eye plus a shy smile will have him hooked and smiling back.

Don’t be scared of subtle touches

These can be a great indicator that you’re interested in more than friendship. Come up behind him and place your hand gently on his lower back or elbow to let him know you’re there. Grad his shoulder to help steady yourself when coming down some stairs. Some subtle physicality leaves him subconsciously wanting more.

And remember, practice makes perfect! Practice little flirts and spontaneous conversations with the guy who makes your morning coffee or the cutie at the gym who always gets the door for you. It will help make you more confident when it comes to hooking the guy you’re in to and who knows, maybe that guy you see daily will suddenly turn into something more!

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