#LLSuccessStory – E-Mail Love Letters

Email Love LettersI joined Lavalife late in October 2003. I was a member in the ‘dating’ section and went into it with very little expectations except to hopefully meet a few new people – which I did!

I soon learned that Lavalife was a great way to meet people just like myself.

Andrew was one of the first guys that started talking to me on Lavalife. Like many ladies do, I checked out his profile before I responded to him.

He didn’t really look like the type of guy that I’d date – I was more attracted to the ‘rugged’ type. Andrew was a little too pretty for me, although looking over his profile, we seemed to have similar interests. We soon began communicating over MSN and two weeks later we decided to meet.

It was then that I discovered that love happens when you least expect it.

Our first date was very relaxed & there just seemed to be this special ’spark’ with him that I had never experienced before with anyone else I’ve dated.

Andrew makes me feel like no other person has. We’re each others best friend, sounding board and intimate partner. We’ve now been together for a little over 5 months and continue to send one another e-mail love letters on a daily basis so we can open them during our lunch hour. I am so lucky to have found my missing piece of the puzzle!


April 13, 2004 – North York, ON


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