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The Dating World for the Successful Woman

Today’s young women are living in the wake of the feminist movement, and their professional success proves it. More than ever before, women are obtaining positions of a higher status in the work force. Argentina, Lithuania, Brazil, Kosovo, South Korea, Chile, and Malta all have women presidents! Things might not be quite equal yet, but it’s safe to say that our society is on the cusp of workplace equality between the sexes.

But what’s life like for successful women in relationships? After all, society still seems to be holding on to the long-held belief that men are supposed to be the higher earners, or the breadwinners, in the relationship. Unfortunately, some men might feel threatened by a woman with a good career. Does a successful single woman need to hide her success until she can hook a guy, or should she put it all out on the table from the first date?

Here’s the fear:

Many men like to feel needed, and an economically independent woman might not be very appealing to the general male population. A man may feel emasculated if his partner earns more than he does.

Here’s the truth:

Times are tough. Permanent jobs are hard to come by, and everything keeps getting more expensive. If modern couples want to enjoy the finer things in life like vacations, cars, and a room with a view, two good incomes is the only way to go. Also, don’t sell men short! After all, they haven’t been living in a bubble while their female counterparts climb up the ladder, and most of them are okay with dating successful women.

For the single girl, that means it’s okay to be honest about your status from the get-go. If anything, a high earning woman can take a lot of the financial pressure off the man, which could save them from fighting about money down the road. Despite all of this, the age-old rule still applies – let him pay for the first date!

Yes, some men will feel threatened by a successful woman. What you need to realize is that those men are simply not your type.

Don’t ever diminish from your success just to make them feel better about themselves.

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