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How to Avoid Miscommunication in Texts


These days, couples are in constant communication. Whether it’s by email, text, video chat, or instant message, technology helps us to stay together even when we’re apart. But just because we’re communicating more often does not necessarily mean we’re communicating better. Texting opens the door for serious miscommunications in your relationship, which can lead to unnecessary arguments. Here are a few tips to avoid miscommunication in your texts.


How To Refresh Your Relationship

blog-refreshrelationshipIs your relationship in a rut? In can happen to even the best couples at some point in their relationships – when the excitement is long over and you feel like things are at a standstill. With a little work, you can refresh your relationship. Read on to learn how.

Find a Hobby by Yourself

It might come as a surprise, but the time you spend nurturing your own interests and passions can actually go a long way to fixing a strained relationship. It will boost your self-confidence, help you meet new people, and (most importantly) make you feel like an individual again instead of one half of a couple. As your mother probably told you, you need to love yourself before you can properly love someone else!


Can You Really Be Friends With an Ex?


When a long-term relationship ends, you not only lose a partner, you also lose one of your best friends. It’s no wonder why many couples try to stay friends post-breakup. But is it really possible to stay friends with an ex? Every relationship is different. What comes naturally to some may be very painful for others. Consider the following questions when you’re decided whether to save the friendship or walk away.


Your Anniversary: What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend To Get Gift Ideas

girlfriend anniversary giftBeing with someone for a couple of years, you already have a good idea of what she likes.

If you are smart, you will write it down for later reference for gift giving times, especially ones that are as important as a birthday or anniversary. If you  haven’t been really paying attention, then consider the kind of person she is.


We’ve Been Together for 6 Months. Is it Too Soon to Say ‘I Love You’?

Helen from Calgary asks…Lavalife Ask the Expert

I dated a guy for 2 years and he left me because he fell out of love for me. I’m now with a really sweet guy who’s been so awesome to my friends and family. We’ve been together for 6 months. I almost feel like I’m already closer to him than my ex of 2 years. Is it too soon to drop the L-word? He’s only been in one long term relationship and it lasted just shy of a year…I don’t wanna scare him off.


My Boyfriend is Moving Away. Should I Stop Him?

Kallie from Atlanta asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I love my boyfriend of 4 years but he’s pursuing a career change (he’s 22) and it’s something I don’t agree with.

I don’t think my parents really like that he’s moving away from the medical field and into agriculture. Should I be worried that his decision will tear us apart? I think he wants to go to a university 2 hours away for grad school and I don’t think I could make the move for him. Help please!


4 Ridiculous Relationship Boundaries to Break Right Now

couple relaxing feetHave you ever heard the saying, “ pick your battles”? Is it more important to work it out, or is it more important to be right or win? Have you witnessed abusive traits that you now carry into your own personal relationships?

Are you scared of being abandoned? Do you feel like you can’t trust anyone unless you are in their sight? I find that RIDICULOUS relationship boundaries, which are boundaries that aren’t healthy or beneficial to your relationship, will only serve to toss it down the tubes quicker than quick!


How do I Avoid Being a Clingy Dater?

Alyssa from St. Johns asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I dated a guy from [an online dating site] and it was nice. He has 3 kids and a good relationship with his ex-wife. He left me because he thought I was too clingy. I accept that and have learned to do better about getting too close to men. But what should I do differently if I’m looking for a relationship and fulfilling my “needs” as a woman? Men take that as a hook up and I’m not in college anymore, how do I find a man and not seem too clingy if that’s what I want?

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