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5 Mouth-Watering Desserts Your Significant Other Will Love You for Making

Comfort food often takes form of delicious desserts. Baking desserts for your significant other is quite rewarding. You put so much effort into something that is going to be devoured and fully appreciated, and there’s just something sweet about it (no pun intended… kidding, that was totally intended).


How to Say No To Your Partner without Ruining Your Relationship

Relationships are all fun and games until you start to disagree on something serious. Maybe he wants to take things to the next level but you’re not ready yet. That doesn’t mean you want out, but ensuring your partner feels secure even when you say, “no” to something big isn’t always the easiest task. Here are five situations you might come across in your relationship, and how to


10 Compliments Women Actually Want to Hear

We know you have our best interest at heart when you compliment us. But sometimes we can misread them, or we can even take offense to them. We admit that we get a little sensitive at times, but the right compliment can make us swoon and brighten our day. With that said, here are “10 Compliments Women Actually Want to Hear:”


5 Things Every Woman Looks for in a Man

People love to talk about how hard it is to know what a woman is thinking, what a woman looks for in a man, or even just to figure out what she means when she says something. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t have to be all that complicated. Most, if not every woman, is looking for a handful of things in a partner – whether that partner is a man or a woman. In this post, we’re talking about the five things that every woman looks for. So, if you’ve ever wondered “Why aren’t women into me?” or “What do women really want?” you might find this one helpful.


The Right Way To Plan a Vacation with Your Partner

We all have a terrible vacation story. Be it with a friend, a family member or a partner, it is sure to happen at one point in your life. So we want to help you make sure it never happens with someone you care about again, especially your significant other. Vacations are a time for excitement, relaxation and bonding. Stress and anxiety have no place on your trip, so here are some quick tips to plan a vacation with your partner and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Settling Down

Do you feel as though your partner is ready to settle down, get married and have kids… but you’re just not there? Or, do you feel like you’re getting pressured by friends and family to settle down because of your age, relationship or anything else? At the end of the day, you know yourself best and should be living your life at your own pace – and on your own terms.


6 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship in 2015

With the New Year in full swing it’s only natural to reflect on your current state of life and, more specifically, your relationship. With all of the holiday rush leading up to the New Year, chances are you skipped a few date nights and got a little busy with due dates and deadlines, so why not take this opportunity to resolve to strengthen your relationship in 2015? Here are six ways to strengthen your relationship this year.


Eight Times You Should Share Your New Year’s Resolutions With Your Partner

You don’t (or at least you shouldn’t) enter a relationship unless you can see a future with the person you’re with. And if you don’t want the future you see with your significant other to go less than according to plan, then you should definitely make sharing, planning and executing your New Year’s resolutions a yearly tradition; here’s how:

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