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christmas gift exchange

How to Set a Gift Exchange Budget This Holiday Season

Whether it’s your first holiday season together or your twentieth, setting a gift exchange budget is an important decision to make as a couple. At least having a range of what’s acceptable to spend on one another will help you both avoid feeling as though you’ve bought too little or too much for the other person. Plus, there won’t be any pressure to spend more than you’re actually comfortable spending. Nobody likes a massive credit card bill the first week of the New Year!


When Should You Propose to Your Girlfriend?

1. You’re Financially Stable

Money is one of the number one things that married couples fight about. When you get married, you’re not only making a life commitment, but also a financial commitment. Your debts become her debts and vice versa. Before you pop the question, make sure you have open and honest conversations about your financial situations.

2. You’ve Discussed Your Future

You’ve talked about your future together, and you know what one another wants in regards to children, careers and lifetime ambitions. It’s important to know that you’re on the same page about the big things before proposing. You don’t want any surprises.

3. You’ve Lived Together for a While

At least a year. In this day and age, most couples cohabit as a kind of trial-run for marriage. While it’s not quite the same as marriage, you’ll definitely learn whether you’re even able to live together.

4. Your Family is Supportive

Although the decision is up to you, having the support of your parents goes a long way. After all, they’ve probably been through it all before and they know you better than anyone. They’ll likely be able to tell if your proposal is the right decision.

5. You Know She’ll Say Yes

A proposal will always be surprising, but it shouldn’t come as a total shock to her. If she wants to get engaged, she’s probably been dropping hints  browsing wedding dresses on Pinterest or window-shopping at the jewellery store. Make sure she’s ready before you propose.

6. You Love Each Other

It seems simple, but this one’s the most important. A lot of people propose for the wrong reasons. Maybe they think it will fix their troubled relationship or maybe they think they’re at the age when they’re just supposed to get married. Before you propose to your girlfriend, you have to feel a deep love, connection and commitment to one another. When it’s right, you’ll just know.


How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level without Scaring Him Away

Becoming Exclusive

Communication is key and honesty is important in a relationship; but as the old adage goes “a little white lie never hurt anyone,” and in this case a small embellishment to get the conversation going can be very beneficial. A friend of mine was recently asked out while she had been dating someone for a while, and it provided the perfect excuse for her to bring up the exclusivity question with Guy #1. Beginning with an inquisitive, “hey so something happened the other day.” She was able to tell him that someone else had asked her out and she wasn’t sure what to tell him because she wasn’t sure where they stood. It provided her the opportunity to talk about their feelings and he felt a little jealous, prompting him to officially ask her to be his girlfriend. Feel free to borrow this line to start your own conversation about monogamy ;).

Holiday breakup

How to Deal with a Breakup Right Before the Holidays

Dealing with a breakup is hard, especially during the holidays. You’re surrounded by couples, family members you haven’t seen in months want to know what happened to your ex and every holiday movie in theatres is a romantic comedy — just ugh. Don’t worry, Lavalife understands; here’s how to deal with a breakup right before the holidays.

Grandmother advice

4 Times You Should Listen to Your Grandmother’s Dating Advice

It’s natural to completely disregard your grandmother’s dating advice; because after all, dating is a lot different now than it was back in her time right? Wrong. We mean, yay technology and double yay to how far we’ve come in terms of femme power, but a lot of the same old wholesome values that were prevalent in your grandmother’s time are just as relevant now as they were back then. Confused? Don’t be; here are 5 times you should listen to your grandmother’s dating advice.

win the hearts

How to Win the Hearts of Your Partner’s Kids

Children are uncomfortably honest. A booger in your nose? Something stuck in your teeth? A little sweaty under the armpits? Trust us, they’ll notice and they’ll make sure everyone around you notices too. Imagine the kind of damage they can cause to your relationship if they don’t like you. So how do you win the hearts of your partner’s kids? Simple, follow these 3 steps:

social media ruins

How Social Media Can Ruin Your Relationship

Figuring out how to use social media to better your business is no easy task, but learning to use it while still keeping your dating life in tact? Even harder. It’s no secret that social media can ruin your relationship, but if you want to maintain what you’ve got, a break up might be in order. And we’re not talking about one with your partner.

moving in together

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving in Together

If you’re considering moving in with your partner, congratulations! This is a major milestone in your relationship and we’re super happy for you. Before you make the move, and even if you’re in the middle of it now, this post should help you navigate the situation. Here are 7 things to keep in mind when moving in together.

1. Are You Buying or Renting?

If you’re an unmarried couple and one or both of you are buying the home you’re moving into, consider drawing up a living arrangement contract prior to making the big move. Such an agreement should outline how much each of you pays monthly, what that money is used for and what should happen in the event that one or both of you move out should it not be successful. While some people find these sorts of contracts to be similar to a pre-nup and may have a negative view of them, they’re actually for both of your financial protection and peace of mind.


Just Friends or Something More? 6 Signs She Really Likes You

This one’s for all the guys out there who aren’t sure whether or not a girl is into you. Maybe you’re coworkers. Maybe you’re friends. Whatever the case may be, this post should help you start seeing the signs she really likes you… or realize you really are just friends.

1. She’s Touchy-Feely With You

Women are naturally more affectionate than men, but keep an eye out to see if she’s extra touchy-feely when it comes to you. Does she seem to create situations or make excuses so she can stand, sit or be close to you? Does she hug you both “hello” and “goodbye” when everyone else just waves or gives the typical nod greeting? If you find she’s touchy-feely with you, more than other people are, there’s a good chance that she may be interested in something more than friendship. On the other hand, you should continue to read the other signs just in case she’s just the hugging type.

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