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How to Find the Best Dating Site for You… in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to online dating, there are many dating sites to choose from. Whether or not you find success and enjoy your online dating experience, however, all comes down to ensuring that you choose the absolute best dating site for you. The site (or app) that works for your best friend might not be the best choice for you, so in this post we want to share four easy steps to help you choose your best dating site option and get the ball rolling today.

How to Get More Message on an Online Dating Site

Get More Messages on Any Online Dating Site (4 Foolproof Ways)

Have you been online dating for a little while and feel like you’re just not getting as many messages as you should be? Don’t sweat it, friend. We’re here to help you with this post on how to get more messages on any online dating site.  So grab a pen and paper or take some mental notes; do whatever you’ve gotta do to take these tips and put them into action. You won’t regret it!

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How to Meet People Online & Find a Relationship, Friendship or Both

Remember how easy it was to make friends back when you were in school? You spent hours a day in the same room as lots of other people the same age as you. More often than not, people in that room ended up having at least a few things in common with you, and you wound up becoming friends or maybe even starting up a relationship. But when you’re out of school, into the working world and start to realize that meeting new people offline isn’t as easy as it used to be, it can be a little shocking. That’s where the Internet, and online dating, comes into play. In this post we’re sharing how to meet people online to find a relationship, friendship or both!

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Will a Dating App Really Work for Me? (6 Questions to Ask)

Everyone is talking about the surge of popularity in dating apps. From hook up apps to in-depth compatibility and matchmaking apps, there are a lot of options out there for a single man or woman. You may be asking yourself, “Will a dating app really work for me?” and if so, this post is for you. We’re covering the six questions to ask yourself when trying to determine whether or not a dating app will – or least might – work for you.

1. What Are You Looking for in a Dating App?

When you consider trying a dating app, are you looking for a fast way to meet new people or are you looking for more of a matchmaker experience? Knowing what it is that you’re looking for in a dating app, and in a relationship, will help you figure out if it will work for you. It’s also going to help you choose which dating app to download and try… because there are a lot on the market! Lavalife’s mobile app for iOS and Android lets you experience all the things that the .com website offers, but at the convenience of your fingertips and on-the-go. Whether you’re looking for a casual date, relationship or hook up – the app will let you find similar profiles nearby.

2. What Kind of Relationship Are You Looking For?

The kind of relationship you’re looking for (casual date, friendship, relationship, marriage or hook up) will impact whether or not a dating app will work, as well as which one. If you’re strictly looking for platonic friendship, you might have a tough time finding that on a dating app. If you’re looking for a hook up or fun date, you’ll have much better success.

3. Do You Have a “Dating Budget?”

Whether or not you’re willing to spend money on a dating app subscription will narrow down your options when it comes to which dating app to download. If you’re not willing to pay for any sort of dating app, you’ll likely find yourself limited to apps that focus more heavily on hook ups and casual dates. If you’re willing and able to pay a monthly subscription, you’ll have more options. Most online dating sites that focus on matching people for meaningful, long lasting relationships do charge at least a monthly subscription fee… and so do their dating apps.

4. Do You Prefer Using a Desktop Computer or Mobile Phone?

If you simply hate using a mobile phone and would rather leave it at home than take it with you, chances are you’re not going to enjoy using a dating app. And, if you don’t enjoy using it, you’re not going to. If you prefer to use a desktop computer and browse dating profiles from the comfort and privacy of your home, then consider an online dating as opposed to a dating app on your mobile phone. But, if you’re all about your latest smartphone and can’t get enough screen time, then a dating app is probably the best choice for you! Luckily, users can use both the .com website and the Lavalife dating app with the same log in. This allows members to take the Lavalife experience on-the-go without skipping a beat.

5. Are You Looking for Instant Gratification or Something More Meaningful?

If you want to meet someone and meet someone now, a dating app can do that for you. If you want to take things slow and really seek out something more meaningful, you might find the world of dating apps moves too fast for you. You’d probably be better off using a .com website and taking your time really getting to know someone before meeting them. Not all dating apps are the same, however, and this is not to say that you can’t find true love on a dating app because lots of people do!

6. Have You Already Tried Online Dating?

If you’re brand new to the world of online dating, we’d recommend trying both an online version and a mobile dating app. This will allow you to experience the best of both worlds, especially if the site you join allows you to use both products with the same log in. You can load up the full version on your desktop computer while at home, but take the streamlined experience with you while you’re traveling or away from your house. Online dating is fun and exciting, especially if you’ve never tried it before. It can also be a little intimidating because of the new terminology and features, but you’ll get into the swing of things in no time at all. :)

Ready to give dating apps a go? Download the app for iOS or Android now!


2015 Guide to Writing an Effective Online Dating Profile (With Examples)

2015 is here and so is a prime opportunity to up your dating game… starting with an effective online dating profile. Writing an online dating profile can be tough, especially because you want to make yourself sound amazing and attractive, but you don’t want to make yourself sound conceited or desperate. It’s a tricky line to balance, but this article is all about helping you do just that.


Four Reasons You’re More Likely to Find Someone on Than at a Holiday Party

We’re all for getting out and enjoying the holiday spirit, but we also know there’s a lot of fun happening on all season long and we don’t want you to miss out.

Maybe you’ve gone to a couple holiday parties already and struck out in the love department. Maybe you’re just not into anyone you’ve met over the last few weeks. Either way, that’s completely okay.


4 Reasons Why You’re Bound to Find Someone Online rather Than In-Person

There’s always a healthy discussion about dating in the modern age. Dating online vs meeting in person is a discussion for which everyone seems to have an opinion, usually dependant on where they found their significant other. But it is in our nature to strive for progress and to create ease for humankind. Enter online dating and dating apps. In our highly globalized world, there is no better way than online dating to increase your odds of finding “the one” (or, depending on what mood you’re in, “the one for right now”). The following four reasons outline why you’re bound to find someone online rather than in-person.

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