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What to Wear When You Meet Your Girlfriend’s Parents

First impressions are everything, especially when meeting your girlfriend’s parents. The key to choosing what to wear to meet your girlfriend’s parents is to wear something that projects your best qualities — qualities that your girlfriend’s parents would value. Three major qualities that every parent wants to see in their girlfriend’s boyfriend are loyalty, respect and a sense of humour. Here’s how to ensure that your outfit highlights all three of these qualities:

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What to Wear When You Meet Your Boyfriend’s Parents

First impressions are everything, especially when meeting your boyfriend’s parents. One major part of making a good impression is how you dress. The key to choosing what to wear when you meet your boyfriend’s parents is to wear something that projects your best qualities—qualities that your boyfriend’s parents will value as well. The goal is not to pretend to be someone you’re not, but to highlight all of your great qualities that you know his parent’s will love through your outfit. We chose three qualities that every girlfriend should have in a relationship and explained what you can wear to highlight those qualities in your outfit.


What a Guy Should Wear on a First Offline Date

A great date starts with a good first impression and nothing speaks bigger volumes than what you’re wearing. Over the top style choices, a dirty shirt, cargo shorts on a dinner date – not really first offline date material. No matter how fashionably challenged you might be, this list is sure to guide you in the right direction (without making you look like a total chump).


The 20-Something’s Guide to a First Date Outfit

Oh, the dreaded first-date outfit: falling on the outfit difficulty scale between job interviews and the first day of school.

The first date is all about first impressions, so wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and confident will let you focus on whether your date is the one for you (or to plan an escape if he’s a total dud).

These four tips are a fail-safe way to plan the perfect outfit – and hey, if the guy doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have a cute outfit ready for your next first date!

1. Plan Ahead

Choose your outfit in advance so you aren’t panicking in your underwear 10 minutes before you have to leave. You are more likely to be relaxed and have a good time if you aren’t second-guessing the outfit you threw together at the last minute.



Style Secrets: Get Julianne Hough’s Cute Outfit For Under $300

It is no wonder that you and every other woman adore Julian Hough’s style. She pulls off the edgy yet feminine physique seamlessly. Whether she is on the red carpet, rocking a haute couture gown or just running errands around town in an effortless chic look, this celeb has it down.

I know that you dream of wearing her expensive duds and designer labels, and while a few can afford her head to toe look, you are probably hoping to score this cute outfit for less, while still looking awesome.


The Perfect First Date Outfit for a Coffee Shop

So you’ve decided that you’re ready for the first date with someone new, and it’s been settled that you’ll be meeting at the neighbourhood coffee shop. Which only leaves one more question: What do you wear?

You want to make a good first impression, show off your personality and sense of style, and catch their eye for all the right reasons. A coffee date is a casual affair, so it’s important to remember that and keep it fairly simple for this first-time meeting. Above all, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable and confident in whatever you choose.


What to Wear for a Downtown Dinner Date

So, you have a hot date downtown, you have your hair nicely done, makeup to perfection — now the only thing you have left to figure out is what to wear.

This can be daunting and time consuming considering the amount of options you have for a date night on the town. However, with the downtown vibe, you will want to stay more edgy and on trend yet not over the top. If you are going to be dining at a nice King West restaurant you will want to look presentable for dinner, yet stay sexy for your date, this is where my fashion skills come in!

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