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5 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas (That Won’t Break the Bank!)

Can’t figure out what to get your special someone this holiday season? Maybe you’re looking for something extra meaningful,  maybe you are on a budget, maybe a little bit of both. No matter what your gifting needs, our list of 5 Christmas gift ideas are bound to leave a lasting impression.


What She Really Means When She Says This during the Holidays

Women have a reputation of saying something that has a hidden meaning. But men aren’t mind readers and can end up catching themselves in a sticky situation because they didn’t catch onto the hidden meanings. The holidays are one of the worst times to over-look a hidden meaning. We’re going to put men at an advantage this year.  A woman’s motives can be hard to read, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to succeed.


Why Online Dating is Perfect for Single Parents

Online dating is great for a number of reasons – but none more so than its convenience. And who is busier than a single parent? Raising your child, working, and keeping in touch with friends and family leaves little room for dating, especially for going out and trying to meet people. Here’s why online dating is perfect for single parents:


Best Netflix Movies for Date Night

It’s official – it’s winter. And with the cold, comes the need to hibernate your way through the winter months. Nothing makes this scenario cozier than having your significant other to snuggle with, a glass of wine, a soft blanket and of course, a great movie. Netflix makes it easier than ever to stream the classics from the comfort of your own home. The following are five Netflix movies for date night.

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