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Best Netflix Movies for Date Night

It’s official – it’s winter. And with the cold, comes the need to hibernate your way through the winter months. Nothing makes this scenario cozier than having your significant other to snuggle with, a glass of wine, a soft blanket and of course, a great movie. Netflix makes it easier than ever to stream the classics from the comfort of your own home. The following are five Netflix movies for date night.

christmas gift exchange

How to Set a Gift Exchange Budget This Holiday Season

Whether it’s your first holiday season together or your twentieth, setting a gift exchange budget is an important decision to make as a couple. At least having a range of what’s acceptable to spend on one another will help you both avoid feeling as though you’ve bought too little or too much for the other person. Plus, there won’t be any pressure to spend more than you’re actually comfortable spending. Nobody likes a massive credit card bill the first week of the New Year!

couch potato

10 Ways to Tell You Need to Get Out More (Turn Off the Netflix!)

Do your friends beg you to join them for a night on the town, but you can’t seem to peel yourself off the couch and away from your latest Netflix obsession? Do your parents routinely inquire as to how much closer you are to finding “the one”, but you haven’t actually been on a date for months? You might be spending too much time at home alone and need to get out more and enjoy what life has to offer… aside from Orange is the New Black.

1. When you hear someone talking about a TV show, you immediately know whether or not it’s available on Netflix because you’ve basically memorized the entire library.

2. You know the delivery hours and charges of every restaurant in a 10km radius.


What Makes a Person Fall in Love?

If you’ve watched a few romantic movies in your lifetime, you’ll know that people can fall in love when they least expect it. In the real world however, it’s not always so easy. And while you can’t always tell whether your first date is going to be your next great love, there are a few patterns surrounding what makes a person fall in love that might just surprise you.


How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level without Scaring Him Away

Becoming Exclusive

Communication is key and honesty is important in a relationship; but as the old adage goes “a little white lie never hurt anyone,” and in this case a small embellishment to get the conversation going can be very beneficial. A friend of mine was recently asked out while she had been dating someone for a while, and it provided the perfect excuse for her to bring up the exclusivity question with Guy #1. Beginning with an inquisitive, “hey so something happened the other day.” She was able to tell him that someone else had asked her out and she wasn’t sure what to tell him because she wasn’t sure where they stood. It provided her the opportunity to talk about their feelings and he felt a little jealous, prompting him to officially ask her to be his girlfriend. Feel free to borrow this line to start your own conversation about monogamy ;).

Hair Style Outfit

First Date Alert: How to Pair the Right Hairstyle with Your Outfit

There’s nothing like the first date to give a girl a serious case of the crazies when it comes to getting ready. There’s picking the perfect outfit, finding the right make-up balance (not too much, not too little!), and the dreaded heels versus flats debate. And the cherry on top of this stressful sundae is every girl’s least favourite question: should I wear my hair up or down? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; here’s “How to Pair the Right Hairstyle with Your Outfit.”

Holiday breakup

How to Deal with a Breakup Right Before the Holidays

Dealing with a breakup is hard, especially during the holidays. You’re surrounded by couples, family members you haven’t seen in months want to know what happened to your ex and every holiday movie in theatres is a romantic comedy — just ugh. Don’t worry, Lavalife understands; here’s how to deal with a breakup right before the holidays.

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