Can You Handle Extreme Dating?

Extreme Dating IdeasRemember the old days when dinner and a movie, possibly followed by a drink at a hip watering hole, qualified as a hot night on the town?

Say hello to the 21st century. These days, it’s not unusual for couples to engage in high-risk, blood-curdling, death-defying activities to get their Mojos workin’. Welcome to the world of extreme dating.
There are those who say nothing brings two people together like the thrill of a shared adrenaline rush.

“I love the smell of danger, even if it’s conducted in a safe environment,” says Tom, who works as an accountant in a Toronto law firm.

“So when I asked my girlfriend Jill — who is pretty athletic in the first place — if she’d like to go skydiving, she literally jumped at the opportunity.”

Leaping out of a plane at 13,500 ft. was one of the things Jill, a financial analyst, wanted to cross off her bucket list of lifelong ambitions. She appreciated the symbolic gesture behind Tom’s request.

“I thought, ‘Here’s a guy who is willing to take chances,’” said Jill. “And the fact that Tom was willing to take this chance with me was a notion I found very romantic, not to mention exhilaratingly sexy.”

Whitewater kayaking (scroll down for activity pricing) can also separate the wheat from the chaff, although the time commitment required to experience this excursion usually occurs between couples after they have a few dates under their belts.

“This past summer, I went whitewater kayaking with my boyfriend Bob on the Missinaibi River near James Bay,” said Marie, 25.

“It was a six-day trip — sort of the first time we spent any serious amount of time together — so it gave us a lot of opportunities to get to know each other.


“Let’s put it this way – he wasn’t my boyfriend before we went away together. The trip sort of sealed the deal.”

And even though Marie says the kayaking was more of a single boat activity with everyone traveling in packs, seeing her man in action was a complete turn-on.

“He was just so… masculine,” she sighs. “We’d be done for the day and be pretty exhausted, but with the campfire crackling and the blood rush from what we did together… we shared a sleeping bag on a few occasions.”

Of course, hurtling towards the earth either by parachute or bungee cord — or speeding down a rocky river — aren’t the only ways to unleash the pheromones with your romantic partner. There are options much closer to home that can be just as electrifying and intoxicating.

At Gladiators Paintball Arenas in Toronto, manager Christopher Caruso says he averages 20 couples a month that arrive at his establishment ready to engage in some serious lock ‘n load.

You might think it would be the thrill of the hunt or the strategic collaboration of man and woman to team up and outwit their predators that would be the real aphrodisiac behind paintball, but Caruso has his own theory.

“What woman doesn’t want to shoot a man with a gun?” he asks.
Caruso says a lot of the women who arrive with their dates are fairly tentative. “From the guy’s point of view, they want to go out and shoot and the girls tag along. I find a woman who has never played before is really skeptical and doesn’t really like the idea.

“But usually when they leave, they love it. They want to come back again.”

Some Other Extreme Date Ideas:


Here you can combine speed and the freedom of exploration on a dirt terrain, as you race over hills and leave your worries in the dust.

There are plenty of motocross schools throughout North America that will teach you and yours the basics — and who knows, you may even find yourself taking a trip down to Tennessee to compete in Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur Motocross Championships. Yes, that Loretta Lynn.

Ice Racing

Definitely restricted to winter buffs, ice racing takes place on a frozen winter lake — or if you’re in Ontario, the Minden Fairgrounds — and with tires as bald as a baby’s bottom.

Plenty o’ slipping and sliding and plowing into snow banks but chances are you’ll both be laughing so hard any awkwardness or tension between you will melt away.


This contraption, which resembles a gigantic arrow-shaped kite, mainly because it is one, is actually built for two, so you and your potential paramour can see the world from lofty heights and really get to know each other through candid — and captive — conversation.

Add base jumping, rock climbing and parasailing to the list. These are just some of the risky activities you can do to spice things up, live on the edge and test your partner’s heavy mettle. And just think of what fun you can have with such accelerated blood flow in your extremities!

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