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10 Compliments Women Actually Want to Hear

We know you have our best interest at heart when you compliment us. But sometimes we can misread them, or we can even take offense to them. We admit that we get a little sensitive at times, but the right compliment can make us swoon and brighten our day. With that said, here are “10 Compliments Women Actually Want to Hear:”


The Best Free Photo-Editing Apps

Perfecting the online profile picture has become somewhat of an art form these days, thanks to the many image filters available through free photo-editing apps! We’ve done some digging to help find which applications offer the strongest features. These free photo-editing apps take “picture perfect” to a whole new level:


5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Love Life

Wondering why you’re still single? It might be hard to admit, but you could be sabotaging your own love life without even realizing it. Often, self-sabotaging comes from fears or insecurities that we keep hidden. The first step to having the love life you deserve is in recognizing and moving past your fears. We’ve listed 5 common ways you could be sabotaging your love life. Do any of them sound familiar?


Eight Times You Should Share Your New Year’s Resolutions With Your Partner

You don’t (or at least you shouldn’t) enter a relationship unless you can see a future with the person you’re with. And if you don’t want the future you see with your significant other to go less than according to plan, then you should definitely make sharing, planning and executing your New Year’s resolutions a yearly tradition; here’s how:


How to Plan the Ultimate Staycation with Your Partner This Winter

Maybe you’re snowed in, don’t have the budget to travel, or just want to simplify things this holiday season. Whatever the reason, a winter staycation is a great way to enjoy a fun and romantic time with your partner without the stress of holiday travel. Read our top tips for planning the ultimate staycation with your partner this winter.


How to Make Your Girlfriend Comfortable at Your Family’s Christmas Dinner

Did you invite your girlfriend to Christmas dinner? Perfect! There’s a lot going on at Christmas dinners: the whole family is there, people she may not have met yet, conversations she might not feel included in, presents being opened, jokes being shared… and she’s probably going to feel like an outsider at times. But don’t worry, there are some things you can do to make your girlfriend comfortable at your family’s Christmas dinner:


How to Revamp Your Lavalife Profile for 2015

Lavalife is getting in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions with is relaunch of The site features a fresh new look for the New Year and a bunch of cool new features to make the dating experience more fun. Now we want to help you with your resolutions by giving you some tips on how to amp-up your Lavalife profile with the awesome new site features. Check out our best tips below:

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