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Best Netflix Movies for Date Night

It’s official – it’s winter. And with the cold, comes the need to hibernate your way through the winter months. Nothing makes this scenario cozier than having your significant other to snuggle with, a glass of wine, a soft blanket and of course, a great movie. Netflix makes it easier than ever to stream the classics from the comfort of your own home. The following are five Netflix movies for date night.


Best Hair Trends & Colours for Fall/Winter 2014

Thinking of a new look for the new season? You’ve got some great styles to choose from! Take a look at our list of the top hair trends for Fall/Winter 2014.

1.  The Pixie with Fringe 

We’ve seen the pixie in style mags for a few years now, but this year it’s growing out in the front and getting a bit edgy in the back. This is the the perfect cut for the ladies who already chopped it all off, but still want a new look. The bangs make it modern and the shape shows off those fabulous cheekbones.


When Should You Propose to Your Girlfriend?

1. You’re Financially Stable

Money is one of the number one things that married couples fight about. When you get married, you’re not only making a life commitment, but also a financial commitment. Your debts become her debts and vice versa. Before you pop the question, make sure you have open and honest conversations about your financial situations.

2. You’ve Discussed Your Future

You’ve talked about your future together, and you know what one another wants in regards to children, careers and lifetime ambitions. It’s important to know that you’re on the same page about the big things before proposing. You don’t want any surprises.

3. You’ve Lived Together for a While

At least a year. In this day and age, most couples cohabit as a kind of trial-run for marriage. While it’s not quite the same as marriage, you’ll definitely learn whether you’re even able to live together.

4. Your Family is Supportive

Although the decision is up to you, having the support of your parents goes a long way. After all, they’ve probably been through it all before and they know you better than anyone. They’ll likely be able to tell if your proposal is the right decision.

5. You Know She’ll Say Yes

A proposal will always be surprising, but it shouldn’t come as a total shock to her. If she wants to get engaged, she’s probably been dropping hints  browsing wedding dresses on Pinterest or window-shopping at the jewellery store. Make sure she’s ready before you propose.

6. You Love Each Other

It seems simple, but this one’s the most important. A lot of people propose for the wrong reasons. Maybe they think it will fix their troubled relationship or maybe they think they’re at the age when they’re just supposed to get married. Before you propose to your girlfriend, you have to feel a deep love, connection and commitment to one another. When it’s right, you’ll just know.


How to Maintain a Movember Moustache That the Ladies Will Love

Gentlemen – listen up! It’s that time of year, when the moustaches come off in support of prostate cancer awareness for the annual Movember campaign. The ladies are already swooning over your soon-to-be well styled facial hair (give thanks to the hipster gods for making facial hair a trend that the ladies are super turned on to right now), and ladies love a nice guy who supports a good cause. But how to keep that facial hair looking its best from humble beginnings to glorious finish? The following are some key items and tips you’ll need to maintain a Movember moustache that the ladies will love.


The integral first step to creating your blank Movember canvas is a good razor. Start with a fresh, clean razor to get a close shave that aims to create minimal irritation.


How Participating in Movember Can Get You a Date

If you’ve ever wondered about the power of a moustache, wonder no more! Participate in Movember this year and you won’t just get a little scruff above that lip, you might just grab yourself a hot date.

Chicks Dig Facial Hair

Facial hair is one of the biggest reasons that participating in Movember can get you a date. Growing a ‘stache gets you closer to being Tom Selleck and you’ll definitely want that look because, well… chicks dig Tom Selleck. You may not ever really understand the reasoning, but there is just something fundamentally sexy about a man with facial hair. Rock the upper lip stubble like nobody’s business and watch those dates come pouring in.

Shows How Charitable You Are


4 Reasons Why You’re Bound to Find Someone Online rather Than In-Person

There’s always a healthy discussion about dating in the modern age. Dating online vs meeting in person is a discussion for which everyone seems to have an opinion, usually dependant on where they found their significant other. But it is in our nature to strive for progress and to create ease for humankind. Enter online dating and dating apps. In our highly globalized world, there is no better way than online dating to increase your odds of finding “the one” (or, depending on what mood you’re in, “the one for right now”). The following four reasons outline why you’re bound to find someone online rather than in-person.


What Makes a Person Fall in Love?

If you’ve watched a few romantic movies in your lifetime, you’ll know that people can fall in love when they least expect it. In the real world however, it’s not always so easy. And while you can’t always tell whether your first date is going to be your next great love, there are a few patterns surrounding what makes a person fall in love that might just surprise you.

Hair Style Outfit

First Date Alert: How to Pair the Right Hairstyle with Your Outfit

There’s nothing like the first date to give a girl a serious case of the crazies when it comes to getting ready. There’s picking the perfect outfit, finding the right make-up balance (not too much, not too little!), and the dreaded heels versus flats debate. And the cherry on top of this stressful sundae is every girl’s least favourite question: should I wear my hair up or down? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; here’s “How to Pair the Right Hairstyle with Your Outfit.”

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