Are Fitness Classes Worth the Money? An Expert’s Opinion

fitness classes 2Fitness classes are an excellent method of getting fit and optimizing health.

I personally grew up in fitness classes. My mother was a Jazzercise instructor and had me in head bands and leg warmers for as long as I can remember. Even after years of education in the health/wellness/fitness field when I’m feeling like I need a little fun or extra motivation for my workouts, you will surely find me attending a nearby fitness class.

I love walking into a group class. It’s exciting. There is motivation all around you. New friendships are formed and gym buddies are made holding us accountable for tomorrow’s workout.

I train at a much higher intensity when in a group class than when on my home because I definitely have a competitive side to me. I reach for heavier weights than I did last night, I push myself past my edge because the person next to me is always working their buns off and it gives me so much drive to do the same. It’s a lot harder to quit or slack when you have 20 people around you working past their own personal limits.

There are many different types of fitness classes; spin, crossfit, dance, bootcamp, etc. It’s important to find the class and the teacher that resonates most with you.

Fitness classes are a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer for a one on one session plus you have the advantage of more flexible time slots. Most big gyms offer over a dozen classes a day starting at dawn and carrying through until dusk making it very easy to find a time slot that works into your daily schedule. There’s a fitness class at convenient time for everyone.

Another great benefit of fitness classes is learning new exercises. This stimulates the mind, adding excitement to workouts and also prevents the physical body from reaching a plateau.

Safety is another bonus of fitness classes. Instructors are trained to ensure that proper form is practiced throughout the class. Training without proper form can lead to injury.

Like any fitness program, consistency and intensity are key. As the mantra goes, “you get out what you put in”. For those people who need a lil extra motivation when it comes to consistency and intensity with their workouts, my expert opinion is that fitness classes are absolutely worth the money!

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