After 57, Am I Out of Most Men’s Age Range?

mature handsFran from California asks:

“I am 57, and I haven’t had as much luck at this age as when I said I am 55. I think that there is a preferred age range from 45-55. After 57, it seems like they feel that I may be just be out of their age range?”


Hi Fran, I can certainly appreciate the feeling of believing your age may be the reason men are seemingly not interested in dating you. It is true as a general statement, once you reach over the age of 55, people online will judge you based on what the majority of people over 55 are like; based on a “too old” stereotype. It’s unfortunate, but there are quite a few people who lie about their age online. This makes it more challenging when you’re being honest about your age and  no one believes it. Sometimes, men assume you are lying about your age no matter what. At the age of 57, they’re thinking you’re probably 67.

What’s important Fran is that your online dating profile really stand out among other singles your age, so your age becomes a non-issue. Men are very visual, so start with carefully choosing the right profile pictures. Choose pictures which highlight not only your physically features, but show your personality and energy. Show him why at 57 you’re an amazing catch and he’d be foolish to pass you by or judge you.

Men assume women at 57 may not be interested in sex, sports, activities or participating in any of their interests. Be sure your profile pictures prove his theories wrong. Always show a great smile. You don’t want to be perceived as an “old goat.” Much in the same way, you don’t want to be looking at a picture of a man who looks like a grumpy old fart.

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