90 Mile Spark

90 Mile SparkWe both joined Lavalife as kind of a joke, and I was running searches of guys within 25 miles from my zip code.

I did not really see anything that caught my eye the night I signed up so I just thought lets take one more look for fun, so again the next night I ran a search for within 25 miles.

That is when Steve popped up, he caught my eye so I clicked on his profile and to my surprise he was 90 miles away.

I thought hey, it could be fate, so I sent him a smile and he sent one back. Within 2 weeks we arranged to meet, when we did the sparks were flying.

Within 3 months we had our wedding rings purchased. By 7 months we were engaged and now we are married!

March 4, 2004

  • Chloe

    This is beautiful! Glad it worked out for the two of you! Online dating is such a game in itself. Lot’s of patience but it’s a good idea you opened up your search range!

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