6 Online Dating Tips for a Newbie

editing online dating photosYou’re a modern woman: You never leave home without your iPhone, Marc Jacobs bag and a sassy pair of high heels.  You meet single men all the time, but somehow the appeal of a drunken frat boy drooling over you in a bar has lost its luster.

So what does a smart, sophisticated lady like you need to do to meet a real man?  Go online, of course.

Here you are with all your worldly knowledge, but as a somewhat late adopter of this trend you don’t know where to begin.

Considering that I met my husband online over 10 years ago and led hundreds of singles to navigate the wide world of online dating since then, my 6 online dating tips for a newbie will help you jump into the online dating pool with both feet without ever having to get your hair wet.

6.  Don’t Sit Around and Wait For the Phone to Ring

My favorite part about online dating is that all the old rules of dating no longer apply.  There are millions of people online and the best way to catch the eye of a guy you like is to take a few moments to write a message.  Chivalry can kick in when you finally meet in person, but for the online phase, don’t be afraid to go after what you want.

5. Get A Plan

Most of my date coaching clients give me a bewildered stare when I ask them who their ideal mate is.  If you don’t know the target you’re shooting at, you’re launching Cupid’s arrow blindly into the wind.

Start with a list of your 3 Must Haves and 3 Deal Breakers so you know what you’re looking for and can clearly communicate that in your profile and on a date.

4. Keep the First Meeting Short and Sweet

Many online newbies think that they have to meet for dinner and spend a chunk of time with their dates to both be polite and figure out if they have a match.  The first date should last just one hour.

All you need to decide by the end of the first date is if you’re interested enough to spend more time with the person on a second date, so don’t put too much pressure on your initial meeting.

3. Photo Editing is Required

Back when I began online dating I had to go to the copy center to scan a photo for my profile. Luckily, those days are long gone.  You now can snap a pic, make color corrections, crop and post to your profile- all from your phone.

This is why it is practically expected now for daters to edit their online dating photos.
A bad picture can be saved with a better exposure or, with a little bit of cropping, you can eliminate your ex from a pic to make you the star of your profile.

As long as you’re not stretching or altering your image, editing can give you a huge advantage.

2.  Log on Frequently

Most new online daters don’t log in until they receive a message notification then they wonder why the number of new messages seem to decrease week after week. Visibility and proactivity are your greatest tools.

The more active you are, the more the site will suggest you to others and the higher you will appear when your dream guy does a search for a girl that matches your description.

1. Tell Your Story

The majority of profiles read like a grocery lists of attributes.  The only way to make yourself stand out is to feature what makes you unique.  No one has the same memories or experiences you do so your profile is a great place to shine.

Every time you feel the urge to write an adjective, instead replace it with a story about your life that demonstrates that point. Remember, show, don’t tell.

With these online dating tips for a newbie you’ll be dating like a pro in no time.

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