4 Weight Loss Tips for Men You Don’t Already Know

weightlossmen2Increase your chances of momentum in the dating scene and in the bedroom by increasing your activity in the gym and in the nutritional department.

This will not only add significantly to your mojo and libido, but also support overweight men to raise their testosterone levels through weight loss.  Having an unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits can result in a low sex drive, insecurities and poor erections that certainly do not contribute to WOWING a new partner intimately, or give you the self-confidence to be the best you for her in all regards.

Simply by making some positive lifestyle changes in your own health and wellness will definitely better your chances of finding and more importantly, keeping that significant other.  Most women appreciate someone that takes good care of his physique. It is your first kick at the can when it comes to physical attraction and can open the door to stimulating conversation and ultimately a new girlfriend…

Whether you are already in the gym and not getting the results you seek or are just beginning a fitness routine, here are 4 tips you might not already know to support your efforts in attaining a better body and self-image…

#4 Make sure to reward yourself by cheating:

NO, not with numerous ladies!  With your diet!!! When you are starting to follow a nutritional plan that is completely foreign to your regular eating habits or free of any cheat treats, you are most likely setting yourself up for failure.  Instead of feeling deprived which leads to occasional binging on the wrong foods and falling off track, it’s way better to focus on a treat to reward yourself for a job well done when eating clean.

Take Sunday night for example to enjoy a cheat meal thoroughly and Monday morning focus again on your weight loss goals until the following Sunday and repeat.  You will appreciate the routine and be way more likely to succeed!

#3 Dream like ‘Mr. Big’ but start small & mighty:

Climbing every mountain takes a single step followed by another and another until you have reached where you desire to get to and the same goes for losing weight.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It took time to put the weight on and it takes time to take it off.  Healthy weight loss is 2-3 lbs per week and any more than that you will most likely put it back on in the long run and damage your metabolism.

By setting attainable goals you will have better success and it won’t feel so overwhelming.  Break your plan of attack into monthly, weekly and daily goals for best results and don’t look for instant gratification.  Trust the process to prevent yo-yoing up and down in weight.

#2 Don’t fear the ‘good’ fats:

It is essential to eat foods rich in unsaturated fats, like almonds, walnuts, salmon, avocados and olive oil as part of a balanced diet.  They are excellent for supporting cell and membrane growth and repair in addition to potentially curbing your hunger.

Consuming these ‘good’ fats send a signal to trigger the production of oleoylethanolamide which is a small compound created in the small intestine that signals the brain through nerve endings of feeling full and satiated.  Just make sure not to go too crazy with the ‘good’ fats either though as they are rich in calories. A small portion per balanced meal is sufficient like 1oz of almonds or ½ an avocado or Tbsp of oil.  Not all fat is bad.  Know that.

#1 Fat loss is a full-body battle:

Many guys think they can get a killer six pack by doing an insane amount of sit-ups.  That will simply not happen without the proper nutritional and regular exercise habits.  Until you lose the belly fat, which is incredibly unhealthy and dangerous for males, you will NEVER see your abdominals, regardless of how developed they are.

Males start to see midsection results with visible abs at around the 10% body fat range and below.  This is why eating clean and doing cardiovascular training is imperative to first lose the weight to see the sculpted abs beneath. Another great tip is to focus on 15-25 quality controlled crunches versus a large quantity of sloppy sit-ups. Throw in a 2-3 minute plank and 15-25 leg raises per workout and the ladies will thank you.

Ultimately, if you want to secure significant and longer lasting relationships plus perform better physically in the bedroom and generally in life, you need to exercise more and eat clean.  As human beings we are habitual creatures and migrate towards our comfort zone, which usually include bad eating habits.

The biggest suggestion I can make is to embrace getting uncomfortable in order to make positive change.  Try these 4 tips for 2 months straight and your chance of success will be very high to not only attain, but also to maintain these new healthy habits. So get started today!  Your dream date awaits…

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