3 Funny-Sounding Fitness Classes That Are Actually Amazing

fitness classSo, you’re in the market for a new class to “spice up” your fitness routine, but you just can’t get past the class names?

I’ve got you covered!  Let’s go deeper than the titles to see what these fitness classes are REALLY about.

Who knows, you may bump into that special someone who keeps eyeing you in the lobby!


Not the dirty thing you’re thinking of!  Bodypump is a weight-based endurance workout.  You focus on one body part at a time and lift under the guidance of a motivating instructor to some awesome tunes!

Having lifted for over 13 years I thought this would be a lot less challenging than it was, I was pleasantly surprised at the trembling sweaty mess I was at the end.  This is an amazing addition to your routine to help improve muscular endurance.

Le Barre

A flashback to teen drama “The OC”?  Nope!  This is a Ballet inspired class, but not so much so that you’ll end up in a twisted pretzel on the floor.

Using the ‘Lebert Equalizer’, an instructor guides you through full body movements designed to condition you in balance & agility.  Balance and agility are extremely important to maintain as we age (no broken hips when we’re 70, ok?) and this class will challenge you in all the right ways.


I have ZERO coordination!  I walked in to this class knowing I’d look like a fish out of water, and I probably did- but OH MY was this a hilariously fun and energetic class!  Latin inspired dance and HIGH ENERGY.

Whether you get the moves or not you’ll be really glad you went to this class – the fastest hour of my life and my cardio-deprived heart is still thanking me!

So there you have it – never judge a book by its cover (or a class by its name, as would be the case here) throw caution to the wind and try something new!

text-align: center;”>Ok, they’re not that bad right?

Sign up at your local fitness club and laugh at how silly you once though these classes were about. Tell us how it went in the comments below!


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