2015 Guide to Writing an Effective Online Dating Profile (With Examples)

2015 is here and so is a prime opportunity to up your dating game… starting with an effective online dating profile. Writing an online dating profile can be tough, especially because you want to make yourself sound amazing and attractive, but you don’t want to make yourself sound conceited or desperate. It’s a tricky line to balance, but this article is all about helping you do just that. After 20+ years in the online dating game, you can bet that we know a thing or two about writing an effective online dating profile. Plus, keep reading for some good and bad examples of each point!

1. Avoid Using Clichés (and Other Generic Language)

Oh, you like long walks on the beach and want to “just see what’s out there?” We don’t doubt that you’re being truthful about both, but take a second and pretend you’re reading that on someone else’s profile. Using clichés can make your profile sound cheesy and look as if you haven’t put much thought or effort into crafting a unique and truthful representation of yourself and what it is exactly that you’re hoping to gain from online dating. Instead of “long walks on the beach”, talk about your passion for ocean photography. Instead of writing that you’re “just seeing what’s out there”, describe the laid-back and adventurous relationship you’re seeking. You’ll keep the reader interested, get more messages and land more dates!

2. Stay Positive About Yourself… and About Potential Matches

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, nobody likes a Negative Nancy (or Negative Norman)! When your profile reads more like a rant than a picture of whom you are and what you’re looking for, it can be discouraging for people to reach out and get to know you. Instead of listings all of the qualities you’re not looking for in a date, why not focus on what you are looking for – without getting too specific of course. If you have criteria for height, weight, exact shade of eye colour… well, let’s just say you’re narrowing down the dating pool pretty darn quickly. Staying positive (and open!) will allow you to highlight your best features and list the most important features that you’re seeking in a partner. For example, focus on how you’re looking for “a person who loves life and likes to stay fit” rather than saying you’re not looking for “a lazy person who doesn’t take care of themselves”. Being negative is a turn off for more people than just those you’re trying to keep away.

3. Write Just Enough without Writing too Much

Your online dating profile should be a snapshot of you, not a manifesto. You want to get across your main points and successfully communicate who you are and what you’re looking for in others, but you don’t want to lie too much out on the table. Think of your online dating profile as the first ten minutes of a first date. All the basics should be there, but you want to leave something to talk about later. For example, writing that you’re a proud single parent is fantastic. Writing how you’re so proud of your two year old for conquering the potty and becoming toilet trained? Not so much. Keep it light, keep it interesting and keep the reader wanting to learn more.

4. Choose Profile Pictures That Match Your Profile

Did you write an amazing profile that shows off your love for extreme sports, adventures and travel? A photo of you sitting on the couch, all slumped over, probably isn’t what your reader would imagine matches what you’ve written. Everyone loves a little Netflix (and cozying up on the couch for that matter), but your online dating profile is your first impression for hundreds of people each and every day, so let’s make your profile picture count. If you love to dance, choose a photo of you busting a move on the dance floor. If you’re an animal enthusiast, a photo with your favourite furry pal will do the trick. And, to let you in on a little pro tip, profile pictures that feature you in action work way better than static selfies.

5. Fill out Every Field and Option Available to You

Some online dating profiles only show the basics (age, gender, location). Others allow for a lot of customization and personalized input. Whatever the case may be on the site you’re using, make sure you fill out every field available to you. If you have the opportunity to describe your ideal date, go for it! If you can select a handful of interests that will help to match you with more people and show you what you have in common, take advantage! The more complete and thorough your profile, the better your chances of meeting more new people each day. And, ultimately, the better your chances at finding love.

We hope these five tips to writing an effective online dating profile help you meet lots of fantastic new people in 2015. Have a question about writing a great profile? Drop it in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP!

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