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The Most Delicious Healthy Smoothie Recipe Ever

green smoothie recipeI’m sure you’ve heard these statements before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, skipping breakfast can be harmful to your health, and the kicker, omitting a morning meal can lead to the development of obesity. While I am not here to take a side on the validity of these statements, I do know that eating breakfast makes me a more productive, energetic and peppy person. But sometimes, the thought of preparing and chewing an elaborate healthy meal in the morning is too much too handle, which is why I’d like to give you another breakfast idea – the green smoothie.


The Perfect First Date Outfit for a Coffee Shop

So you’ve decided that you’re ready for the first date with someone new, and it’s been settled that you’ll be meeting at the neighbourhood coffee shop. Which only leaves one more question: What do you wear?

You want to make a good first impression, show off your personality and sense of style, and catch their eye for all the right reasons. A coffee date is a casual affair, so it’s important to remember that and keep it fairly simple for this first-time meeting. Above all, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable and confident in whatever you choose.


Your Anniversary: What To Talk About With Your Girlfriend To Get Gift Ideas

girlfriend anniversary giftBeing with someone for a couple of years, you already have a good idea of what she likes.

If you are smart, you will write it down for later reference for gift giving times, especially ones that are as important as a birthday or anniversary. If you  haven’t been really paying attention, then consider the kind of person she is.


What to Wear for a Downtown Dinner Date

So, you have a hot date downtown, you have your hair nicely done, makeup to perfection — now the only thing you have left to figure out is what to wear.

This can be daunting and time consuming considering the amount of options you have for a date night on the town. However, with the downtown vibe, you will want to stay more edgy and on trend yet not over the top. If you are going to be dining at a nice King West restaurant you will want to look presentable for dinner, yet stay sexy for your date, this is where my fashion skills come in!


We’ve Been Together for 6 Months. Is it Too Soon to Say ‘I Love You’?

Helen from Calgary asks…Lavalife Ask the Expert

I dated a guy for 2 years and he left me because he fell out of love for me. I’m now with a really sweet guy who’s been so awesome to my friends and family. We’ve been together for 6 months. I almost feel like I’m already closer to him than my ex of 2 years. Is it too soon to drop the L-word? He’s only been in one long term relationship and it lasted just shy of a year…I don’t wanna scare him off.


My Boyfriend is Moving Away. Should I Stop Him?

Kallie from Atlanta asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I love my boyfriend of 4 years but he’s pursuing a career change (he’s 22) and it’s something I don’t agree with.

I don’t think my parents really like that he’s moving away from the medical field and into agriculture. Should I be worried that his decision will tear us apart? I think he wants to go to a university 2 hours away for grad school and I don’t think I could make the move for him. Help please!

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