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I Don’t Want to be Lied to Online. How do I Avoid That?

TJ from Markham asks…Lava365 Ask the Expert

I’m looking for a good, loving relationship. There are so many scammers online and how do you figure out if they’re real? I’ve been lied to a lot.

There are a few ways to quickly identify the traits of a possible online scammer. The research we’ve discovered about online profile scammers is they typically only use one profile photo. The photo may seem a little “too good to be true.”


The Truth About Codependent Relationships

The Truth About CodependencyWhen you have a pattern of being the “strong” one in your relationships; where you’re the one your mate can’t overcome their struggle without; where you’re in control – it’s easy to delude yourself into believing that it’s just because you’re better at handling “life” than your partner is.

You’re just more adept at handling stress, adversity, challenge, and trial. You are the cool navigator in the chaotic storm of your relationship. How would your partner’s world keep spinning without you?

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