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I’m Not Ready to Give Up on Our Relationship. Is She?

Ramon from New York asks…What if I'm not ready to give up on our relationship?


My girlfriend and I broke up not long ago. The relationship was going well, but we are both parents. She lives with her child but I don’t live with mine but I have them twice a week. She broke up because we live two hours away of each other and says that if we were to live together it wouldn’t be fair for my kids to have to sit in a car for four hours every week, that they would growth resentful that their dad decided to make a life 2 hours away from them. I told her that we could make it work, but she’s set on how difficult it would be and that I would not be available to my kids, even though its only 2 hours away. Is there hope for me to change her mind? Recently she was telling how she’d rather be with somebody that she loves even if it was once a week, I told her it could be 5 days a week and in the meantime I would stay with my kids the days I see them but she’s convinced it won’t work. Is there something that I’m not seeing?



Kiss Your Unhealthy Relationships Goodbye!

How to Remove Unhealthy Relationships From Your LifeAs a 20 or 30-something woman, you have your whole delicious life in front of you. You get to choose who you want in your inner circle.

If you’re finding that you have an unhealthy relationship with a friend who is bringing drama and stress into your life, you might also be finding that you get sucked into her craziness. You should know you don’t have to continue to feel that way.


How to Set Yourself Apart from Online Scammers

How to Protect Yourself from ScammersWe’ve all been scammed in life, and sometimes it’s worse than other times. Maybe someone charged you twice for the bunch of bananas you bought… a minor scam.

Or maybe someone online asked you to wire him or her $10,000 to “get out of a bind and come back to the US.”

Whatever the scam, the scammers in question generally have one common theme: They reach out to you and get you.


5 Easy Steps to Overcome Anxiety on Your First Offline Date

How to overcome anxiety on a first date offlineCongratulations! You’ve turned your online message into a real first date. Now, don’t let meeting someone offline turn into a big, scary ordeal that you start regretting before you’ve even shaken hands.

Yes, it can be intimidating to meet up with a total stranger, but by following a few simple steps you can turn any stressful date into an easy-going interaction in no time.

Here are 5 easy steps to overcome anxiety when meeting someone offline:


I Always Check Out Girls when I’m Out on a Date. How Can I Stop?

Henry from Columbus asks:How can I stop checking out other girls when I'm out on a date?

I can’t help but look at a few girls who walk by my dinner table when I’m on a date. I know it’s dumb and I’ve been told by other girls I’ve been rude but I can’t help it. Are there any tricks for me to keep in mind before I go out with someone? I’m noticing it’s a problem and girls aren’t sticking around too long after our dates. Oops.

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