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Think Before You Speak

couple sitting on couch

Janine Jankowski can still recall the last words she exchanged with a guy she was dating, who happened to be a few inches shorter than she.

“I had a lactose problem at the time, so I was buying all these health products,” says the tall, blonde 26-year-old. “What you would call his famous last words were, ‘Now I don’t have to drink any more of this lactose-intolerant bulls***.’ I said, ‘And now I can wear heels.’”


Why Dating as a Young Professional is Like a Startup Business

young man on phoneWhat’s one of the hottest things to be involved with these days?  Start-ups!  If you’re not part of one, your friends are and they’ve probably been trying to get you to join.  It seems as if everyone is getting into the game (including yours truly who may have helped found a few.)  People are pouring their time and energy into them as never before leading to many times, less time to date!


3 Ways To Remain Faithful With A Wandering Eye

man peeking through fingersGreat relationships are such a beautiful thing.

When two people are so into each other and producing so much positive energy, it is simply a wonderful sight to see. We just always have to be mindful that with good, there will come some bad. There can be many peaks and valleys, and when we don’t take the right approach, this can easily lead to hurt, betrayal, and the revealing of cheating spouses.


I Moved in With My Girlfriend of 3 Years. Was it Too Soon?

couple unpackingKevin from Markham asks:

“After 3 years together, my girlfriend and I decided to move in together. I cleared out a guest room for her things but we share the same bed. I still see her as one of my best friends and I think I might’ve done this to please her. Should I do some kind of tests to make sure this was the right step for us? I’m a little nervous this was too soon, and now a bit guilty for having to ask for advice…”


#LLSuccessStory – 90 Mile Spark

text-align: left;”>90 Mile SparkWe both joined Lavalife as kind of a joke, and I was running searches of guys within 25 miles from my zip code.

I did not really see anything that caught my eye the night I signed up so I just thought lets take one more look for fun, so again the next night I ran a search for within 25 miles.


Texting: How to Do It Right

hands texting“Textiquette”

Texts are great.  They can be fun, flirty, and fast.  When dating, though, there is definitely a line that needs to be drawn between the cute text and the annoying, over-the-top text, and as the person writing the text, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference.  Let’s discuss the etiquette of texting, or textiquette, as it shall now be named.  (I thought I coined that term, but it appears Urban Dictionary beat me to the punch.  Darn it!)

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