6 Reasons Why Women Love Online Dating

PEW Research states that 1 in 5 American adults between the ages of 25 and 34 have used online dating at some point. That’s a lot of people! Each year the percentage of people using online dating grows more and more. So, why the popularity? In this post, we’re looking specifically at women. Here are 6 reasons why women love online dating.

1. Control

In the offline world, it can be incredibly difficult to control the situation. If a man approaches a woman at a club, it’s not as easy as hitting a “block” button to make him disappear. Instead, she might find herself searching for some way to get out of the conversation and away from the guy she’s definitely not interested in. Let’s say there’s a man she is interested in but she doesn’t quite know what to say. In the offline world, she can’t just stand there and not say “hello” or reply to his question – no matter how nervous she might be.

Online, however, gives her total control. She can message her matches back when she feels and can easily control who she talks to and who she doesn’t. She can even block profiles she’s definitely not interested in so she doesn’t have to see them again. Traditionally the man is the pursuer and the woman is pursued in the world of dating, but online dating flips that concept on its head and gives both genders equal opportunity to break the ice, strike up a conversation and pursue a profile they like.

2. Search Preferences

If a guy’s not wearing a ring and isn’t standing beside his girlfriend, how is a woman supposed to know if he’s available or not? Meeting great, eligible men offline can get tricky – especially if a woman’s looking for someone with specific shared interests, pastimes or life ambitions. Plus, it’s kind of weird to walk up to a guy on the street and start asking him about his religion, favourite outdoor activities and whether or not he wants kids in the future.

Skip to online dating and all of the above information is quickly and clearly communicated to the woman. She can set her specific search preferences and browse only the profiles matching exactly (or close to) what she’s looking for. Everything from the type of relationship someone’s looking for and whether or they have/want kids to their favourite pastimes and career path are available as search preferences on most online dating websites. Plus, you can edit your search preferences at any time so they’re not set in stone.

3. Less Pressure

Some people find singles events, like speed dating or meet ups, to be very intimidating. Entering into a situation filled with single people trying to find love, offline, can seem like a lot of pressure. What if there’s no one you like? What if no one asks for your number? And… what are you going to wear?! It’s no wonder some singles get anxious at the very thought of it.

There’s less pressure online. Because you can choose your profile picture, edit your profile details and take it at your own pace, online dating is a great option for women who simply don’t want to deal with the high pressure situation of trying to meet single guys offline. Don’t see anyone you’re interested in today? Check back tomorrow. New profiles are created all day long so you can always rest assured that there will be more people to choose from the next day.

4. Time, or Lack Thereof

Finding “the one”, or even Mr. Right Now, can be very time consuming. A woman with a full time job, busy social calendar and other commitments can find it really difficult to juggle all of that and dating. Nobody wants to waste time with someone who isn’t right for them, but offline dating doesn’t let you truly figure that out until you’ve met in person. And who wants to sit through an entire date when they decided five minutes into meeting the person that it’s really not going anywhere?

Online dating gives women (and men) the ability to filter search results and start communicating with people they might be interested in before they meet offline. Sure, you might still end up meeting some people offline that you’re not 100% into, but there’s a more thorough pre-screening process than simply meeting someone on a blind date. You’ve already spoken with them, learned what they like and what they’re looking for, and likely feel some sort of attraction towards them. This saves time, energy and stress.

5. It’s Social

Whether men want to hear it or not, a lot of women enjoy browsing their matches and logging into their online dating profile with their friends. It’s a fun, social activity! When you meet someone in the offline world, you generally have to wait a little while until you get to introduce him to your friends. And then what if your friends don’t approve or they just don’t mesh?

With online dating, you’re able to browse profiles with your friends and even get their opinion on a match before you meet offline. We wouldn’t recommend allowing them to send messages on your behalf or play around in your profile (and definitely not write it for you!) BUT we understand that online dating can be a social activity and encourage you to do whatever feels right to you.

6. Cost

Speed dating, offline match makers and other singles events can be pricy. Just as trying to meet singles offline can take a lot of time, it can wind up costing a lot of money.

Online dating, generally, is very cost-effective. With low monthly subscription plans available and the ability to only meet the people you’re most interested in, you end up saving both time and money. And, who doesn’t love saving money?!

Do you think men love online dating for different reasons than women? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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